Crème De Nuit 50ml

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night cream

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The NIGHT CREAM is a rich emulsion specially formulated to work overnight, a key period for cellular regeneration. A repairing nourishing concentrate, it activates the skin’s natural purification metabolism and regenerates dermal stem cell activity, powerfully stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Combined with the plumping effects of hyaluronic acid, this exclusive cream tightens the skin and smoothes-out even the deepest wrinkles, night after night. Skin is smoothed, perfectly moisturized and glowing with health in the morning.

The active ingredients included in the NIGHT CREAM formula have the following benefits:

• Shea butter
• Apricot seed oil
• Aquaporin-3 stimulator peptide
• Hyaluronic acid LMW

• Green microalgae

• Pea polypeptide
• Redensifying plnat complex Rabdosia rubescens & Siegesbeckia orientalis
• Hyaluronic acid HMW & Commiphora mukul
• Tripeptide wrinkle filler
• Brown algae
• Soothing neuropeptide


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